Operator x 33|45

Operator x 33|45

09.07 Ombra Festival
Ombra Festival will show its outstanding line up at the well-known 33|45 Bar in Barcelona. In this event, the Ombra booking Agency will be launched, as a new project, which stands for unusual sounds gathered by brand new and old school artists.

10.07 Vimana
Vimana is a mythological flying palace or chariot described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics. One such object was discovered in Barcelona’s industrial Poblenou district and has provided us with key to continue the mystical work of the sacred instructions contained therein: establish unity through shared trances brought on with the aid of potent tribal rhythms at regular gatherings.

11.07 Draft
Barcelona based collective draft was born out of necessity. Showcasing new and upcoming talents from every style and genre without forgetting some of the most exciting names that don't usually get much exposure, the people from draft just want to bring back the basics to the dancefloor: love and passion for music, dj craftsmanship, and a crowd that shows respect and is respected while expressing itself in any way it wants.

12.07 Ameba
This youth association was born in December 2014 as a non-profit organisation to carry out cultural activities of dissemination, training and development for the defense, promotion and dissemination of electronic music created in Catalonia in all its artistic variants.