Staff Picks - January 2022

Staff Picks - January 2022

posted on: february 15, 2022

Here we go, the first one of the new year! Staff Picks is coming in hot with some varied jams, from Northern Soul to clubby breaks, mellow sounds, beats and uplifting disco & funk. We started 2022 with a banging month full of amazing shows, there's really something for everyone in here. Let's look at the absolute favorites, handpicked by Carlos, Rita, Andrea, Jorn, and Jelle. As always, find the full article down below and check out the playlist on our SoundCloud or down at the bottom of this article. Enjoy!

Charlie Watkins - 7th January 2022 - selected by Carlos

One of my favourite shows that I had the chance to listen to last month was by Charlie Watkins, a British artist living in The Hague. For his second show at Operator, Charlie takes you on a journey through the British Northern Soul sounds. I personally really enjoyed this fresh set and would recommend any Soul fans to check it out.

Antwerdam w/ Jasmín - 14th January 2022 - selected by Rita

My highlight of January has to be Jasmin's mix for Antwerdam. In short, this is just such a cool mix. It simply hit all the right spots for me when it comes to dance and club music. Jasmin lays a dark, absolutely elegant, yet rough and in-your-face mix, with interesting drums, melodies, and voices cutting through a coherent flow. Contained, laid-down yet assertive, and replete with well-crafted surprises. This is certainly the work of a skilled and knowledgeable DJ, that easily blends different melodies, drums, genres, and tempos.

Naone - 20th January 2022 - selected by Andrea

January is a bittersweet month. New beginnings but also endings. I found myself listening to many different sets, sounds, genres, and moods. I discovered many new artists that brought fresh sounds to our cozy container. The one set that really stood out for me in January was Naone’s - a calming and unexpected mix of beautiful sounds that keeps getting better the more you listen to it. An honorable mention that I had on repeat was Olly Geary’s mix. Obscure and mellow sounds that surprise you when you least expect it. This set somehow reminds me of an ‘underwater’ journey - wavy, smooth, and punchy.

Last Minute w/ Bluntspeakers & Nevill Mitchell - 26th January 2022 - selected by Jorn

Despite what the show title suggests; this felt like a really well-synched show by two people that have known each other all their life. It was really refreshing to hear Bluntspeakers again playing tracks. Together with the soothing sound of Nevill, this show came as a nice surprise for me. U can hear Bluntspeakers used the time away from DJ-ing by doing a lot of productions for artists. He played some of his productions during this show, and they were fire. With new music from Pusha P, Kanye, Young Thug to a (by me) long-forgotten track by the Prodigy featuring Kool Keith, it had me turning up the volume a lot.

Funkyard Soundsystem - 27th January 2022 - selected by Jelle

My favorite set of January was without a doubt “Funkyard Soundsystem w/ Frodo”. He played a pleasant amount of variety. The Funk, Disco, House and Reggae sounds are easy to recognize in this one. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning!
Frodo is also one of the owners of Café Bakeliet on the Nieuwe Binnenweg in the west of Rotterdam. They opened up a small record shop alongside their café and restaurant so make sure you check that out if you’re in the hood!