Staff Picks - February 2022

Staff Picks - February 2022

posted on: march 18, 2022

Better late than never! We've got another bunch of great shows from last month to lead you into a sunny weekend, ranging from punk to jazz, beats and alternative to techno and industrial, something for everybody. Let's look at February's favourites, handpicked by our newest intern Tyra, Ofra, Osman, Davut and Tjeu. As always, find the full article down below and check out the playlist on our SoundCloud or down at the bottom of this article. Enjoy!

Rats on Rafts - 2nd February 2022 - selected by Tyra

There were a lot of really nice sets this month, but one that stood out the most for me is from the beginning of the month – Rats on Rafts'fifth show. The group really takes you on a trip through different genres that manage to flow effortlessly, such as punk, new wave, electronic and world music. The blend of disruptive, spaceship-y sounds to softer, dreamier melodies and eerie hymns in the middle just mixed so well together and really grabbed my attention. For anyone looking for something that varies from what they may have been hearing out at clubs or bars lately, I definitely recommend this set for an offbeat afternoon.

A show as diverse as the neighbourhood - 3rd February 2022 - selected by Ofra

This month my pick will be the first episode of the show A show as diverse as the neighborhood by Liskwartier. This bi-monthly show has lots of ingredients that I really like in a radio show. The show contains a diverse and interesting track selection, a good selection with some old classics of Jan Hammer, Jassin, Vrienten, and Hazes. Besides the music, they added some audio snippets from (Dutch) media situations which I really like. I dig this humor/absurdism in it. It shows identity and makes you really listen to this show. I'm already looking forward to the next episode!

Morning Medicine w/ mennojunior - 9th February 2022 - selected by Osman

The Morning Medicine, is a new breeze in our morning program, it's a show hosted by mennojunior, who's a record collector that has great taste in music. With this program, he takes you through his collection and gives me a perfect soundtrack to start my mornings. Truly great medicine if you ask me.

A Tale of Winter w/ Cobahn – 18th of February - selected by Davut

While storm Eunice was raging, we were huddled up inside the container. What better way to spend this time than to listen to some deep hypnotic sounds. Cobahn obliged and provided us with an emotionally moving set full of atmosphere. One where weaving together a narrative is more important than constantly upping the energy. A great display of restraint and musical sensibility!

Boss Weapon - 19th February 2022 - selected by Tjeu

As hard as I found it to pick a favourite show because of the wide variety of talented individuals I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in February, my pick goes to Boss Weapon’s first show, mainly because it made me feel and think the most. It kicks off with a sick witch house intro to set the mood, followed by carefully selected edgy (industrial) techno that had me reminiscing back to the times I fell in love with this harsher side of the genre as a teenager and hearing it roar through a club/warehouse for the first time in my life at the Elementenstraat. Big thanks to Boss Weapon for giving me those feelings of nostalgia!

A particular track in her mix that I’d like to touch upon is Acidic Male’s Fellating Their Teeth As They Envision Me, an intense tune with dragging bass and impressive vocals, recently released on her EP on Kentucky based label Dead Channel, which as a whole is definitely worth checking out too!

Other shows played in February that I feel are worth honourably mentioning: Big bossman Jeff Solo’s Lonely Man, Boy Wal’s Geezers Need Excitement, The end of all beginnings w/ Paranoic Drums & Tyn, and Spastic Joy w/ Zwits & Nothing Toulouse.