Staff Picks - March 2021

Staff Picks - March 2021

posted on: april 09, 2021

Brace everyone! Musically, March was an amazing month with a bunch of special events and a constant stream of great shows broadcasted from our container. We had a really special day of streaming for International Womxn's Day at Time is the New Space (S/O to all people involved!). Then we went and streamed with our friends over at MONO for their two-day fundraiser event, we're so happy they reached their target and everyone got treated to a barrage of great sets! These were just some of the highlights, there's no time to get into them all... So without further ado, let Bella, Andrea, Jeff, Jelle and Iona take you through their favorite shows of March, turn up your speakers and enjoy! As always, find the full article down below and check out the playlist on our SoundCloud or down at the bottom of this page. Stay safe!

Marie | International Womxn’s Day – 8th March 2021 - selected by Bella

Co-organizing this day was so much fun, and although every set was outstanding, Marie coming in last minute to save the day with her insane set really blew me away. I have had this set on repeat for a while and it is just right to hypnotize you into dreaming about the days we will dance again.

Genyten | MONO x Operator Fundraiser – 15th March 2021 - selected by Andrea

Genyten (aka Ruta Genyte) is finally sharing her musical treasures and I could not be happier. Her set for MONO’s fundraiser back in March was a real treat. While I was listening to Genyten’s set I paid attention to the story behind her selection of tracks: melancholic and moody rhythms that gradually burst into blazing beats. A versatile musical array for all the loud, calm, lonely, and crowded nights that are yet to come.

Fat Crayon Radio w/ DJ Edzon & Black Ice – 19th March 2021 - selected by Jeff

My favorite set from March was without a doubt "Fat Crayon Radio w/ Edzon & Black Ice”. An all vinyl set that seamlessly goes back and forth from Hiphop, R&B, Funk, Soul, Afrobeat, Rare Grooves, and more. In addition to a superb selection, it's also mixed together with an extraordinary amount of skill. Hats off to this master and his craft.

Definitely a S/O to Max & Jari from Fat Crayon for their passion and dedication. It is nice to see that a Rotterdam-based brand by young and talented guys is making great leaps and is releasing more and more beautiful, better and fairer products and garments. As with Operator, the community is vital to these guys. Something they translate to their brand and also to their radio show. So if you haven't checked them out yet, definitely go do that!

The Grand Groove – 25th March 2021 - selected by Jelle

My staff pick of the month is The Grand Groove by Git Hyper and Michael from Demonfuzz Records. This two-hour-lasting show has a lot of varying elements such as the ‘break van de week’ (which is great added value for the MPC users amongst us ;)), Funk, Disco and interesting background information about the tracks. Git Hyper and Michael always manage to make my day even better with their laughter and commentary. For me, this sums up the perfect radio session whilst battling the pandemic. Enjoy!

Gamma Intel – 30th March 2021 - selected by Iona

Ooolala, qui qui and yes it is bitter-sweet to choose one from even a couple of Operator shows, so choosing from an entire month’s schedule is quite a tricky pony to tame, to say the least.

This month I’m going to go with Gamma Intel’s set one mega sunny yummy spring day. I had heard many juicy compliments about this firecracker of a DJ from both the local and not-so-local mensch knocking around the blue container in the sky, but until one day late in March, had not experienced a Gamma Intel set with my own two earholes. And, yeah, pretty….preeeeetteh………PREEEETTTTEAAAH good.

Note ||| future release last track on the end there: OoFZies.