Staff Picks - February 2021

Staff Picks - February 2021

posted on: march 05, 2021

New year, new picks and we're back with a bang! Two months into 2021 already and everyone can sense that this year will be better, judging by the amount of dancefloor-oriented sets being played at our station. That feeling leaks through into the shows that some of our staff selected as last month's highlights. Feelings of hope, longing and ecstasy are well represented in these five sets. Now for the most important part. Here are February's favorites, carefully selected by our newest volunteer Medea, Osman, Fré, Carlos and Wouter.Find the full article down below and check out the playlist on our SoundCloud or down at the bottom of this page. As always, enjoy and stay safe!

Betonkust – 3rd February 2021 – selected by Medea

"Balla Mozarella" by Giovanni T, as soon as I heard this track, as Betonkust was playing, an unexpected smile was put on my Italian heart. His electronic beats can be energizing but also calming. Betonkust has a nice way of combining old with new, creating something unique that dares to inspire. His show leaves a feeling in the air that is hard to grasp just like all the evening adventures we are not able to chase in these corona times. So, listen to this mix and let it take you to places we cannot go right now.

Nedda Sou w/ John Agesilas - 4th February 2021 – selected by Osman

My pick for this month comes from Amsterdam-based Nedda Sou and Co Founder / Artistic director of Summer Dance Forever, John Agesilas. They totally went for it last time they visited us. Stretched mixes, energy on 100 the whole way through, and a great selection of house grooves. My go-to mix in February deff!! I am in urgent need of those parties where you could dance and vibe to this genre the whole night and this reminded me or really took me to that kind of dancefloor.

Moods – 17th February 2021 – selected by Fré

I heard some really nice sets last month, so it was a tough call to make. But I have to give it up to Moods for setting up a sweet vibe across his entire set with some jazzy sounds, Hiphop influences, a sparkle of neo-soul and an all-round electric relaxation. Thoroughly enjoyed this and I could just zone out while listening this 1-hour mix. Definitely recommend this one if you’re in any type of mood(s)!

Micha Lensink w/ Charlton – 17th February 2021 – selected by Carlos

My show of the month must be ‘Micha Lensink w/ Charlton’. Apart from being great DJs, they are always fun guests to have at the container. Their two-hour B2B show, a blend of many club classics, definitely got me nostalgic for the dance floor. Would be great to hear more of them together at Café Bakeliet in the future. Charlton even sang along to the lyrics. What a shame that the mic was not on, could have resulted in some unique covers!

NOACH – 25th February 2021 – selected by Wouter

NOACH just continues to amaze me. The way he plays his Slowbeat Tribal and Trancey bangers, I can’t get enough of it. Perfect for the lockdown workplace at home while zoning into your project for two full hours. Or, of course, play this on a loud volume in your room and start vibing with your clothes off, it’s almost weekend after all…