Staff Picks - April 2021

Staff Picks - April 2021

posted on: may 07, 2021

This April was the coldest one in 35 years, and we felt it. In some way it is also reflected in the shows that were played, a lot of great music perfectly suited for indoor listening pleasures (or not!). Nonetheless, our container was warm and cozy and April saw another bunch of great sets being broadcasted from there, as well as our beloved Biergarten slowly coming back to life towards the end of the month, we missed you guys! Now let's get to the music; let Luke, Kenneth, our new intern from Slovenia Stas, Pim and Ofra take you through their favorite shows of April, turn up the volume and drift away! As always, find the full article down below and check out the playlist on our SoundCloud or down at the bottom of this page. Stay safe!

Woei FM w/ Genyte - 14th April 2021 - selected by Luke

I chose Ruta (Genyte)’s Woei FM set for this month’s Staff Picks. Besides being one of the brains behind Pinkman Records, Worm and Roodkapje, she naturally developed a great taste in club music and culture. This show is a good mixture between fast-paced rave/jungle tracks and slow punk and Italo burners. Big tunes! We’ll definitely hear more from her in the near future!

Bobby Boycott – 16th April 2021 – selected by Kenneth

My favorite set from the past month has to be Bobby Boycott show number 10. This mix was all fast punk songs and Bobby played one of my favorite Bad Brains tracks, "Don't Bother Me". It was refreshing to hear something different while sitting in the container. The instruments and vocals took me back home to the states where I have been going to live shows since I was a teenager. Great mix for cleaning the house or a nice highway drive. Check it out!

DJ Blaize – 24th April 2021 – selected by Stas

My April’s head of the line pick is DJ Blaize's third episode of his residency at Operator. The mix features a great combination of the classic UK sound with a bunch of spicy new school tunage. The selection is vibrant with fluid transitions between songs because of years of experience behind decks in clubs - now transferred to radio waves from the blue container. During this show, that mainly focuses on UK garage, bass, grime, dubstep and hiphop derivates, we can hear a set of songs from artists such as Breakage, Plastician, Skepta, Shades (Alix Perez & EPROM) and also DJ Blaize himself. His new EP Gimme Some Ganja was released a day before the show, and it is definitely worth checking out!

Marienus – 29th April 2021 – selected by Pim

In his third show at Operator, Tjeu a.k.a. Marienus once again delivers the heat straight to your doorstep. With his great selection of dark and gritty electronics, he manages to draw my attention every time. The show starts off with some great industrial downtempo stuff, slowly transitioning to faster and rougher beats. It steadily builds up to the end where he plays a new Pinkman whipper by Credit 00 and an absolute mindbender by Exhausted Modern, two amazing producers you should definitely look into (if you haven’t already). Keep an eye out for Marienus, I’m sure he’s got much more in store for us…

Spastic Joy w/ Zwits - 29th April 2021 – selected by Ofra

Zwits (Victor) just had his second show at Operator called Spastic Joy, and just like the first one I absolutely loved it! An hour of absolutely amazing tracks by amazing punk bands like The Names, Department S, Belgium pearls like Red Zebra, Aroma Di Amore and French cold-waves like Charles de Goal. When Zwits contacted me about playing at Operator, he told me he had this secret love for Punk and Wave that he couldn’t really explore while playing in clubs or at festivals. Thanks for sharing and releasing your secret love Zwits, no more secrets! Looking forward to the next one.