ZUS x Operator longsleeves

ZUS x Operator longsleeves

posted on: october 29, 2020

Schieblock exists 10 years!

Operator and ZUS launch anniversary longsleeves, and 'Time is the new Space' opens its doors.

And that wasn't the idea 10 years ago when the dilapidated building was transformed into Schieblock City Laboratory. In 2008 the building on the Schiekade, and a large part of the Delftse Hof, was threatened with demolition because it had been neglected for two decades and had become downright dangerous. This was the reason for the ZUS architectural firm to take action and present a plan for the temporary redevelopment of the rundown building. The intention was, before the actual development of the area would begin, to transform the building for 5 years into a laboratory for urban development and young entrepreneurship. Approximately 60 entrepreneurs moved into the building and since then, new initiatives have continuously emerged from this urban melting pot, such as De Dependance, Biergarten, Op t Dak and BAR, but also high-profile projects such as the Luchtsingel, Dakakker, Luchtpark Hofbogen, Poppodium Annabel and online radio station Operator.

Now, 10 years later, the area is "alive and kicking" and the city has embraced it as something to be cherished as a basis for future area development. The Schieblock as the cornerstone of the area's renaissance is thus beyond temporariness and the future is being thought about out loud. For example, there is the initiative for the sustainable transformation of the Schieblock, and several new buildings in the area are being considered within the urban plan.

In order to give the process of further transformation a place in the Schieblock a brand new city lab, podcast studio and event space 'Time is the new Space' has been opened. Together with association RCD and association District East we will work on and talk about the future of this special area. Unfortunately, due to all measures surrounding, COVID-19, we can't festively inaugurate this new space on October the 30th, but we will launch the anniversary longsleeves online that day. They will be available for purchase for €50,- and are available in a very limited edition.

Best regards,

Elma and Kristian ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]
& Team Operator