Stay-At-Home Playlist - 02

Stay-At-Home Playlist - 02

posted on: april 06, 2020

Another week of quarantine has passed by, slowly but surely we’re getting closer to meeting each other on the dancefloor once again. Last week we uploaded the first Stay-At-Home Playlist, here is the second one, see it as our monthly Staff Picks, but then for the last three years. Our whole team has selected some special shows that are engraved in their memory and have stuck by them up until this moment, hope you enjoy! The second batch was selected by Jelle, Johan, Otto, Wilco, Wouter, Patrick, Jorn and Pim. Find the full article below and listen to the playlist on our SoundCloud. Stay home and stay safe everyone!

Submid w/ Hamish & Toby - 9th February 2019 - selected by Jelle

Last year, Submid celebrated their first anniversary in BAR and invited Hamish & Toby for the occasion. On the eve of the party, they also hosted their Submid radio show at Operator with their two London guests. Unfortunately, the live stream did not work, but the recording was saved and uploaded a while later. It’s been out for some time now, but if you haven’t listened to it yet we suggest you kick back and enjoy an hour’s worth of notable selections by the duo.

Pop Trading Company w/ Booticelli Soundsystem - 31st March 2018 - selected by Johan

I chose a guest mix by Booticelli Soundsystem when Pop Trading Company (PTC) took over the container back in 2018. On that same day PTC was hosting a party in MONO with Dollkraut, Jameszoo, BertBert, Rik Payne and last but not least Booticelli Soundsystem. The weather was clear as day with a nice early spring sun which they represented through the music they played. A nice blend between genres including hip-hop, disco, and funk. A nice mix while you're longing for the end of these days in quarantine.

Thanos Hana & ARKVS - 18th February 2020 - selected by Otto

For this series I’ve selected this amazing two-hour show for which Thanos Hana invited the boys from ARKVS. Their sound is what techno should be like, in my opinion. ARKVS took care of the first hour, showing us exactly how it’s done, followed by a quality set from Thanos. Enjoy!

Gamma Intel - 26th September 2018 - selected by Wilco

Long long ago, matter, energy, time and space came into being in what is known as the Big Bang, creating the fundamental features of our universe as we know it. About 10 billion years later, on a small planet better known as Earth, life started to flourish. It was only until 70.000 years ago that the human race appeared and started out on their quest to take over the world. With their inexhaustible drive for prosperity, they have managed to overcome loads of obstacles to come to the point we are at now. But now, a new invisible advisory is causing hectic times and is asking for drastic measures. Although spring is peeking through our windows we resist the temptation to go out and we stay inside. This is hard our on us all, being social creatures, we feel the need to interact with people. And in these times the mental strain sometimes gets the best of us. You don’t know where to go, what to do with your life, or you are desperately seeking for a spark of joy in quarantine-life. Then there’s Gamma Intel with his set from September 2018. Trancey vibes, breakbeat, new beat, slow beat and upbeat guaranteed. Cure yourself <3

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for the potential malaise you might end up in as a result of listening to this set and realizing a party is still a long way from now.

Bootsy - 12th May 2018 - selected by Wouter

The 12th of May 2018, a beautifully sunny day. I packed all the goods: cheese, champagne and other delicacies, it was time for Bootsy's radio show at Operator. To this day I still listen to it and I definitely think it is one of my favourite Operator sets ever. The jazzy sounds are a perfect fit for these quarantined days inside or during a tan session in the sun. Put on this set, turn up the volume, take some cheese a bottle of champagne and enjoy! Stay safe!

JANN - 6th September 2019 - selected by Patrick

Here's my favorite show of last year. Great selection by a true head from Bordeaux, JANN.

Footnote w/ Royston Drenthe - 16th December 2017 - selected by Jorn

Royston Drenthe: from a street hoodlum in Rotterdam to a world-class footballer at Real Madrid. When this interview was aired (2017), Royston was only 30 years old, yet he already had a whole life behind him. This was such a hilarious radio show with Royston openly telling all kinds of stories about his life, and the temptations that come with being a superstar. This talk, which happened in Operator's container, was enjoyable from start to finish. It was hosted by Sven Prince and Detlef Prince from Faithful to the Subject, during their show Footnote. The interview is in Dutch.

Oberman - 27th June 2019 - selected by Pim

I remember working one of my first shifts at Operator, a warm and sunny Thursday evening in June, Nous’klaer head honcho Oberman was playing and totally blew my mind with this one. He delivered a beautifully executed mix, filled with hypnotic, trippy and deep techno, occasionally throwing in some electro and ravey stuff, all stitched together seamlessly. Tune of the set has to be Ex-Terrestrial ‎- Mojave Skyline, an otherworldly, addictive and euphoric track. When you close your eyes during this one, you can’t picture yourself anywhere else than on a dancefloor at sunrise after a long night of raving, something we’re all longing for in these difficult times. To this day I still come back to this show, it’s a great one to take your mind off things and get carried away by, huge tip!