Stay-At-Home Playlist - 01

Stay-At-Home Playlist - 01

posted on: march 30, 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Operator has temporarily closed its doors for health & safety reasons. Besides this, our third anniversary is coming up (unfortunately our club tour had to be postponed, stay tuned for the new dates). To save you from boredom and to celebrate our 3rd year of existence, we wanted to highlight some of the best and most special shows that have aired on our platform, old and new. Here is the first of two playlists with loads of gems inside, see it as our monthly Staff Picks, but then for the last three years. Our whole team has selected some special shows that are engraved in their memory and have stuck by them up until this moment, hope you enjoy! The first batch was selected by Sean, Bella, Mark, Jeff, Osman, Luke, Lilli, Andrea, Ofra and Rita. Find the full article below and listen to the playlist on our SoundCloud: ( The second batch of shows will arrive next Monday. Stay home and stay safe everyone!

mad miran - 6th February 2018 - selected by Sean

The first show that came to mind when I was asked for a memorable show was certainly mad miran’s first solo set at Operator. The description was just “electro letsgo” and offered an early glimpse into her deep bag of tracks she has accumulated over the years while still dancing in the first row rather than behind the decks!

Ldopa - 29th November 2019 - selected by Bella

I chose this set for multiple reasons - mainly because it was my favourite set during my favourite Operator shift thus far. It was a Friday night and I was taking over from Sean (the OG operator volunteer) who had asked me to exchange shifts. I didn't mind this whatsoever as Friday night shifts were oftentimes the most fun - everyone was excited about the debaucheries that the weekend would hold. Quickly after I arrived, Lily, my good friend, and newest Operator volunteer had arrived so I could initiate her training. At this stage, the box was rather full with three volunteers and some friends who had dropped by (even though I was replacing Sean he stayed and hung out with us). Then Ldopa arrived for his show at the 20:00 time slot. I myself was still rather new to Operator and therefore had not met many regular DJ’s yet. Due to the crowded container I had not asked him what he was going to play or started any small talk with him - then just when I was about to press “Go live” I saw in his small set description that he was gonna play an all Jungle set. I jumped from excitement, and shouted to the room “No way we are gonna have an hour of Jungle''. I had at the time only recently developed my deep love for Jungle and had that same week recorded my own jungle set, so this was the best news I could have received at an Operator shift. I ran into the booth to share my excitement with Ldopa - and the next hour was spent with the whole box skanking away to this high energy and fun set. The rest of the night had many other highlights but this set stuck with me the most and I can only hope to have many more lovely moments like this in the great blue container that is Operator Radio.

NOACH - 10th March 2020 - selected by Mark

Last week while I was staring out of the window, surprised how sunny it was after some long cloudy months, I was thinking about these summer nights at the container when I had NOACH as my guest. I remember him playing a lot of great sets in the studio, always carefully selected, built up and mixed. This made me feel like I had to choose one of the moments we shared together as my most exciting Operator highlight so far. Not an easy pick, listening back to all his shows from the past 1,5 years, but one definitely stands out for me, which is his latest one back in March. Lots of downtempo weirdness, crazy breakbeat mixed with electro and some trance. The combination of the different kinds of genres he plays makes it really fun listening to and also pretty unpredictable. Big tip for everyone who wants to make the 'quarantine life' a little more exciting and energetic!

June (Live) | Ombra Festival - 29th November 2019 - selected by Jeff

Ombra Festival was absolutely one of my highlights during 3 years of Operator, that’s why I’m selecting a set from Ombra. Upon arrival in Barcelona we were immediately welcomed into the Ombra Festival family and it stayed that way throughout the whole weekend. Also the motivation of everybody working behind the screens was truly inspiring. A massive shout to Nacho, Edu, Andres, Anna & the rest of the crew. June was definitely one of our favourite acts performing at the festival, and we had the honour to have on our stage. He actually performed twice during the festival. The first day as June, the second as day as Manie Sans Délire. (Also make sure to check out that one, it’s also really good). This set is just pure bliss...

Bird FM w/ Real El Canario - 6th July 2017 - selected by Osman

My pick from the archive is one from Real El Canario for BIRD FM. This set has so much energy and warmth, which is exactly the thing you need in times like these. Real El Canario is really something else when it comes to mixing genres with the perfect amount of touch and originality to it. One of the first that has done it on this level for sure.

Geezers Need Excitement - 12th February 2020 - selected by Luke

BVDW played this dope techno set the other day. An homage to the classic sound from our own club culture. Nostalgia for sure! Planetary Assault System, Ben Klock and some cool edits from Peter van Hoesen. Especially the “Isolated” track from Abstract Division. Those open hi-hats and zoom like bells. Trippy as !*$*^. A weak spot for me personally is the Cultivated Electronics track from Junq: “From Below”. Acid infused Electro is the way to go. Great set!

BAR Radio w/ Nosedrip - 14th September 2018 - selected by Lilli

In these uniquely weird times, we are finding ourselves in moments of reflection and acknowledgment for cultural products with a strong meaning. Undoubtedly, music plays a major role in that. I personally feel that this mix by Nosedrip from 2018 embodies what Operator stands for - a cultural platform where artists can express themselves completely freely. The Belgian driving force behind STROOM once said that he's a lover of "ugly music" - which already creates a magnetic attraction to his output for me. Every Nosedrip mix is so beautifully different, not fitting into any simplifying patterns on how one thinks a mix should sound or be structured like. His BAR Radio #69 will be your perfect companion for a day in the park or a night in your bed. Or whenever, wherever - which is why I chose it. Enjoy! :)

Unexpected Delight w/ Pierrot - 3rd March 2020 - selected by Andrea

Although I only just recently started working at Operator, Pierrot’s ‘Unexpected Delight’ show made me feel welcome in a matter of seconds. This set has a slow build-up and captivates you with its delicate selection of hip-hop and tworld tracks. It takes me back to those wistful, peaceful and cozy nights. I love feeling at ease, especially during these chaotic times we are all going through at the moment. This harmonious two-hour set will most definitely quiet down the storm and soothe your mind wherever you are.

Pasiphae (Abyssal) - 12th January 2018 - selected by Ofra

I chose this set as a personal highlight, because it was the first time that I heard of the talented producer/DJ and now friend straight from the West-Coast, Fotini (Pasiphae). Thanks to Serge who invited her to his Abyssal show in 2018. Besides her sick mixing skills, I really like her style and taste! I immediately asked Serge who she was and invited her for a second show at Operator. You should also listen to her set during the Operator Crave special on March 17, 2018. Enjoy!

Nøsq's fun corner - 18th July 2018 - selected by Rita

Nøsq delivers a shattering mental trip in his 2h dubstep mix. The mood is set dark and eerie, with nostalgic vibes peeking through. His mix feels effortless, cool, yet gripping and story-telling. He is one of the most interesting artists at the moment for me, both as a DJ and a producer. Check him out!