Staff Picks - September 2020

Staff Picks - September 2020

posted on: october 08, 2020

Staff Picks is back once again! After taking a little break during this hectic and difficult time, we've once again selected 5 stellar shows for you to enjoy. Since being fully back up and running, it's been adelight to see so many familiar and new faces back at the container and witness so many amazing shows being broadcasted through our platform. We've also welcomed three new faces to the team, all of which were asked to choose their September favorite. Without further ado, here are September's picks, brought to you by Frederik, Carlos, Kenneth, Jeff and Iona. Find the full article down below and check out the playlist on our SoundCloud or down at the bottom of the article. Enjoy and stay safe!

Nedda Sou - 8th September 2020 - selected by Frederik

I really love to discover new tracks and artists through the live sets at Operator. So is the case with my favorite set and staff pick of this month; Nedda Sou. Throughout her 2 hour mix she really sets a deep vibe with a good selection of Chicago/Detroit House with some uplifting Afro, Funk, Soul and Acid influences here and there. A great mix of genres but still staying true to the real House sound for me. The ‘storytelling throughout music’ is made complete with some great sultry neo-soul/ish vocals, and I’m a sucker for chopped up vocals in electronic music. If you want to clear your mind and just zone out, this one’s for you.

Jeff Solo & DAYZ | SUMIBU x Operator - 22nd September 2020 - selected by Carlos

On September 22nd Operator hosted their collaboration with the clothing brand SUMIBU at club Mono. I was there for most of the event and although I enjoyed all the artists, the show that really stood out for me the most was Jeff Solo and DAYZ. They always surprise me with their ever-changing eclectic sets. Jeff and Desire kicked off with some classic soulful songs and ended with more experimental electronic music. Personally, I like sets that take you on a journey through a series of different genres. If you agree with me, check out this set - 65th in the global experimental chart!

XBTTRCP | SUMIBU x Operator - 22nd September 2020 - selected by Kenneth

In the midst of a very laid back afternoon, this set was a shot of firewater. Completely caught off guard all I could do was sit and think about a blur of raves from the past. Style, confidence and seamless mixing ensured a memorable performance. Play this loud and dance in front of your mirror

Rachel Green & Panda Lassow | SUMIBU x Operator - 22nd September 2020 - selected by Jeff

Straight fire from these two Operator residents!!! The Operator x SUMIBU launch at MONO was really dope, and it really was a joy to see so many people come together on a Tuesday. Ann & Rachella delivered the perfect closing set with lots of energy. Press play!

YuBu - 26th September 2020 - selected by Iona

September was, as always, a right picnic.

A picnic made whole by the mix of classic dishes, trusted and delicious, with the fresh new meat laid out on the Operator blanket. Yummy on the spread for me: whale song layered over wavy IDM by guest star Loma Doom during Dean High’s ‘Zen Wave,’ Jungle Boogie w/ Mowgli swinging unstoppable through the canapé, Bluets w/ Lilli Zylka, Kharma Radio and, somehow, even spicier than usual ribs from WAOWAO this month. Alongside these lay heaps of fantastic first jams on the station by Nelly Dragon, ARYNA and Frida to name just a few.

Today, however, I get to take home one dish only and it is this dreamy breakbeat course by YuBu. It brought me back into a free feeling of last summer and allowed me to float above the madness for an hour around my room during a rainy autumn day. That was a gift and I’m sure I’m not the only one who could benefit from it this week. I first heard YuBu play during a night in Amsterdam by Tropical Laser Storm, an event organizer you must check out as they are burning fire with guns on phase. Loving the glitchy flow I’ve heard from him so far and secretly waiting for Yubu b2b Peach.

Eet smakelijk!