Staff Picks - October 2020

Staff Picks - October 2020

posted on: november 06, 2020

Hear Hear! It's time for a new batch of Staff Picks, this time for October. Show-wise, it was a lovely month for us, and it keeps us motivated to see all our residents and other hosts still making the trip to our container. You continue to bless our ears in these difficult times! So since we're all spending a lot of time at home right now, and as the weather's getting colder and the days are becoming shorter, we think these shows will cheer you up good and keep you warm when you need it most. Andrea, Patrick, Lilli, Bella and Jelle have once again selected some absolute gems for you.Find the full article down below and check out the playlist on our SoundCloud page or down at the bottom of the article. As always, enjoy and stay safe!

Maxi Club w/ O’Riordan & Cyberboy – 16th October 2020 – selected by Andrea

‘Sensación melancólica, son las hojas que vuelan al caer, cuando sopla el viento del atardecer’. These are the lyrics in ‘sensación melancólica’ by Carlos Cutaia, that translate to: melancholic sensation, are the leaves that fly while falling, when the evening wind blows. This track was played during Maxi Club’s show and it was stuck in my head for the rest of the week. Melancholy comes and goes, just like autumn does, so hang in there! Chris’ and Cyberboy’s set unravels in a slow yet steady manner, with a combination of groovy-world beats and eclectic lyrics that will lift your spirits. Play this frisky mix loud, pour your favourite beverage, and dance away.

PNKMIX-59 | Wrong Sal – 19th October 2020 – selected by Patrick

Good friend of Pinkman and a regular at the odball house/italo-disco sections at the store, Wrong Sal made a great 1,5h mix fuelled with the spirit of 80’s. The resurrection of the underground is here!

Giant windows of colour – 23rd October 2020 – selected by Lilli

Hilde’s one hour of “Giant windows of colour” filled the container with unique experimental music, ranging from Morton Feldman’s slowly evolving sounds, Alice Coltrane’s mid-70s fragile Jazz, Arthur Russell’s personal Cello on “World of Echo”, to Kali Malone’s beautiful contemporary pipe organ, carried so wonderfully by her soft and nerdy presence - which I firmly mean in the most positive sense. Hilde’s mix was an engaging, cinematic, even educational experience, in which she gave an insight into her lovely musical mind. I really enjoyed her visit and hope she’ll be back soon.

Bluets w/ Lilli Zylka – 27th October 2020 – selected by Bella

The bluets show by Lilli has easily become one of my favorites at operator. I think what I love the most about Lilli’s mixes is that, not only does she find magical and intriguing songs, but she puts them together so beautifully that she composes a whole new piece of music all together. This mix’s is no different. It is perfect for that moment of calmness, and becomes the ideal soundtrack that even allows you to appreciate the days becoming shorter and colder.

Enter The System – 29th October 2020 – selected by Jelle

During a rainy day at the container, Luke Fentross came in and performed a well selected set for Enter The System. He made proper use of his collection of electro beats and you may even hear some of his own creations in there too. The beginning of his set will make you zone out, but don’t be afraid to make use of your joints when it gets dirty. Grab a cold one from your fridge and enjoy!