Staff Picks - November 2020

Staff Picks - November 2020

posted on: december 10, 2020

It's that time of the month again, November's Staff Picks are here! We're slowly creeping towards the end of the year, this is already the penultimate edition, better make it count! This month we were once again blessed to see all of our residents and show hosts make the trip to the container and play their shows in the safest way possible. We also released some new merch items, that will keep you warm during the winter, buy them in our webshop! But without further ado, here are last month's favorites, carefully selected by Luke, Pim, our newest volunteer Charmaine, Otto and Jorn. Find the full article down below and check out the playlist on our SoundCloud page or down at the bottom of this page. As always, enjoy and stay safe!

Ellis Doig - 7th November 2020 - selected by Luke

I found this set from Ellis Doig the other day, easy lo-fi listening. As he mentions it: “leftfield rotations. Broadening selections from the edges of the dancefloor.” Some dub, some deep, some bleep and a bit of minimal. Something refreshing but also classic. Really dig the Duplex and Dust e-1 tracks. Have a listen!

Tonal Research – 7th November 2020 – selected by Pim

Matt, one of our long-time residents, started to play records when I was just a baby, and this becomes perfectly clear when you watch him work the decks. I enjoy all of his monthly shows, in which he quickly hops between all kinds of fast-paced genres. This one really stood out to me though. When you think of Dubstep, most people will automatically say Skrillex, but that’s not at all what the genre’s about. These two hours of insane oldskool Dubstep played by Matt will show you the real side, and it brought me straight back to the days in which I experienced my first Dubstep parties. Pump this as loud as you can, but be careful: you might not be used to headbanging like this anymore…

SELECT w/ Lion Kojo - 12th November 2020 – selected by Charmaine

The way this episode of SELECT starts off, immediately caught my attention. Haunting piano chords that flawlessly lead into a very important piece by the late Nina Simone. I personally enjoy it most when a set takes its time to build up and draws you into a journey of feelings. Lion has a great way of tying a variety of sounds together in a way that just fits, and isn’t that what radio is all about? With SELECT you never know what’s coming next, just be prepared that it’s good music.

Charlton – 26th November 2020 – selected by Otto

For this edition of Staff Picks, I have chosen the most recent show from Charlton on the 26th of November, I always like to hear him play, he just brings something different every single time. That's definitely what I like the most about this set, he always surprises me. Also on a producer level, Charlton is out of this world.

ANTWERDAM w/ Jetti & Lil’ Lawaw – 28th November 2020 – selected by Jorn

Besides the fact that I would’ve called this show Rotwerpen instead of Antwerdam; I had the pleasure to be there in the container with these two good friends of mine. I always enjoy inter-city connections and the sets that flow out of these unexpected b2b’s. One of the best sets I’ve heard in a while, full of my secret favourite genre I rarely play myself; Bootyyyyyy! This one’s on repeat all weekend.