Staff Picks - January 2020

Staff Picks - January 2020

posted on: february 06, 2020

January's selections have been made! After our little hibernation break, we once again got into a month filled with goodness and great shows. At the end of the month IFFR came by, we hosted a bunch of lovely talks at LantarenVenster and had the honor of welcoming Don Letts & William E. Badgley in our studio for an interview. All in all, a solid start to the new year. Now let's get into the picks, so without further ado, here are some of our favorite shows of January, handpicked by Johan, Lewis, Wilco, Ofra, and Lilli. Find the full article down below and check out the whole playlist on our SoundCloud: (

Winterdagen - 14th January 2020 - selected by Johan

The show I chose for this month’s staff picks is compiled by Winterdagen. Something warm and comfortable is what I was looking for this January. This ambient orientated show is filled with soothing piano pieces that made me feel very cozy. These tiles will take you on a relaxing journey and drop you off ready to start your day full of tasks.

Kofi The Unknown - 25th January 2020 - selected by Lewis

Kofi The Unknown’s first Operator show is the one that I picked this month, because of the uptempo dancefloor tunes with a heavy emphasis on groove and rhythmic structures. It gave off new vibes but also old vibes, it was a show that brought me to the days that I was younger because my dad had a lot of music that was similar to the tunes in this show. You can’t sit still when this show is playing and that’s what I really liked about it.

Properator w/ Pim and Proper - 29th January 2020 - selected by Wilco

He has only been working at Operator for a few months, but he already proved himself ready to close off the Operator x Poing NYE party. Pim & Proper is that new kid on the block, and a force to reckon with. If you weren’t at this particular party, keep an eye open for his coming events or just listen to his new Operator set and you’ll get the point. The nasty acid and heavy-hitting electro bangers he plays will make you feel some type of way. Gangsta no doubt!

No Hay Banda w/ Dim Garden - 30th January 2020 - selected by Ofra

I’m definitely picking last week’s show from No Hay Banda w/ Dim Garden who did a show based on Verhoeven’s film, De Vierde Man. I really like this show and it suits perfectly to the dreamy aesthetics that this film has. It was also a great one to listen to on that rainy stressful Thursday evening. While working on a deadline at the office, Dim Garden took me on an amazing trip to someplace nice. Please follow this talented producer because she's amazing!

Loma Doom w/ BertBert - 31st January 2020 - selected by Lilli

A few tracks in, Bert and Femke peeked out of the booth to tell me: “Yeah….sorry, we like the weird stuff” - to which I, almost hysterically, replied, “Nononoooo, don't apologize, I love the weird stuff!!” This mix has those scratchy textures, complex and atmospheric, unusual sounds that will make your mind drift away into cinematic fantasies - at least this was the case for me. Thanks to these two hele gezellige peeps for such a relaxed vibe in the container. This one goes out to the weird ones!