Staff Picks - February 2020

Staff Picks - February 2020

posted on: march 04, 2020

Here are February's Staff Picks! A terrible month weather-wise, but a great month for shows. We started it all off with a bang, celebrating our collaboration with Pinkman through a party in Mono and a line of merch (there's still some shirts available, buy them here). The club-night was completely packed and the dancefloor went off! Thanks to all of you for coming and thanks to the DJ's for playing some sick sets! Now, let's check out the picks, shall we? Here are some of our favorite shows of February, handpicked by Rita, Mark, Wouter, Pim, and Osman. Find the full article down below and check out the whole playlist on our SoundCloud: (

Uncle George Electronics - 13th February 2020 - selected by Rita

I really appreciate it when an artist can make me fall in love with genres I never resonated with before. This is exactly what Uncle George Electronics did on this beautiful 2-hour long compilation. He seamlessly transitions between world, hip hop, lullabies, experimental and electro in a coherent, laid back, nostalgic yet warm mix. I kept going back to this set again and again in the last few days. This is the ideal soundtrack to reading a book, sipping on a steamy coffee and watching the rainfall. It feels like a warm, heavy blanket and a fireplace. The definition of comfort music.

Comradery w/ Comrade Winston and Forkowski – 19th February 2020 - selected by Mark

I’ve selected Comradery w/ Comrade Winston and Forkowski as my favorite show of February. A 2-hour b2b session, bringing the old-school techno sound to the station. A true pleasure for the real techno heads! Been programming his shows for some months now and he’s already invited names like Stranger, Tripeo and Remco Beekwilder. Always great to see when someone puts so much effort into inviting guest DJ's for their shows. More coming up every 2 months!

Bluets w/ Lilli Zylka – 20th February 2020 – selected by Wouter

A beautiful set by Lilli, definitely one of my favorites for this month. She just started working at Operator and I met her a few weeks ago. She told me about her first show at Operator and so I checked it the next day. I’ve played it at home, at the bar I work, my car; it’s perfect for these rainy days inside. Some ambient, jazzy sounds to get you through the day, waiting for those summer days to come back and grace us with sunshine again.

Identified Patient – 25th February 2020 - selected by Pim

I’ve been a fan of his for a while, both his productions and DJ-sets are on point, hence why he’s taking over dancefloors left, right and center. To have him over at the station is always a pleasure and we were most definitely in for a treat this time. For this one he pulled out a bunch of slo-mo electronix, slowly transitioning to some pulsating darker jungle stuff and his trademark industrial, acid and tribal-like tunes. He finishes off with this insane jungle track and leaves you wondering: ‘This man really can’t be stopped, can he?’ I’ve been blasting this one every chance I got, and in a couple weeks he gets to do his thing at the Pinkman night in RTM, hope to see some of you on the dancefloor then, front left!

Ketama Man – 29th February 2020 – selected by Osman

My staff pick for the rainy month of February will be this rad set by Ketama Man with his 2-hour hotness, coming through with dub/reggae excellence. Mo Ghabri aka Ketama Man (½ of Radical Hi-fi) collecting and curating this genre for over 15 years. This vinyl-only session involves a lot of Foundation, Roots, and he finishes it with some great Dancehall. Enjoy the ride and big S/O to my man Mo!!