Staff Picks - December 2019

Staff Picks - December 2019

posted on: january 10, 2020

Happy new year everyone! We want to say a massive thank you to all the people showing up to our NYE party, we had a blast, hope you did too! Shout-out to Poing too, for collaborating with us and hosting the party. This new year will be a really exciting one, we're looking forward to so much more great shows and events! Before we fully submerge into 2020, let us take one more look back into 2019: Here are some of our favorite shows of December, handpicked by Cengiz, Jorn, Margriet, Luke, and Wouter.Find the full article down below and check out the whole playlist on our SoundCloud: (

Place : The Netherlands w/ Loradeniz - 12th December 2019 - selected by Cengiz

Earlier in December, Place : The Netherlands hosted an evening at Operator to celebrate the release of their compilation album with tracks made by local producers in the electronic music scene. One of the artists featured is Loradeniz, a composer, pianist, and DJ from Istanbul now residing in Amsterdam. Besides making cool music herself, her DJ sets are made up of a mix of acidy, experimental electro and techno. They’re definitely worth a listen too! In other words: a bunch of fresh local stuff to check out...

Emerald Dreams Release (live) by Jelee - 13th December 2019 - selected by Jorn

One of our residents, Rob Manga, tipped us about Jelee and the release of his first EP - Emerald Dreams. I was instantly blown away by his dreamy beats and future sounds, so we decided to give Jelee a slot in the morning of his EP release day. He then asked us if he could do a live-set, we couldn’t say no to that! For me personally, that morning became one of the best ones in December.

DJ Abstract - 17th December 2019 - selected by Margriet

For December’s Staff Picks, I’ve chosen DJ Abstract’s first set on Operator Radio. While we are in the midst of the cold months and in need of some sunlight and warmth, this set came as such a welcome surprise to me. The funky and comfy sounds work as vitamin C and I’m really looking forward to his next set!

Tango Soundsystem - 19th December 2019 - selected by Luke

The Delft-based boys delivered an outstanding set full of slow-burning EBM bangers and some spaced out Italo tracks. The perfect balance, full of voodoo-like percussions and massive basslines. The best tracks, in my opinion, are: “Kleine Reise” by Franz Scala (Mechatronica), and “The Drip” (feat Sophie du Palais) by Identified Patient. Both Wouter and Wilco are great artists with versatile knowledge about the past and future of electronic music. They understand their own individual sounds and complement each other perfectly.

NOACH w/ Vector Trancer - 21st December 2019 - selected by Wouter

I already was a big fan of Noach from the start, and for this show, he invited Vector Trancer! The sound these two men put together is insane. Vector Trancer is playing the first hour: a constantly dark and deep moving sound that brings you in a complete trance. Noach takes care of the second hour and plays a more ongoing, straightforward sound with lots of Acid and Goa in it. This show was a preparation for the club night in Poing, Trance&Dance, where both of these men did some work in the sweaty basement. Luckily, for those who weren't there, we have this set recorded, so at least you're able to listen to this one!