Staff Picks - October 2019

Staff Picks - October 2019

posted on: november 15, 2019

Staff Picks is back! Some time has passed since the last one, but for this month our staff has once again selected some of their favourite shows! October was a great month, here are some of the absolute gems handpicked by Koen, Jorn, Ofra, Jeff and Patrick. Check out the article down below and find the whole playlist on our SoundCloud page: (

Something Happening Somewhere w/ Nuno Dos Santos & Ultrastation - 8th October 2019 - selected by Koen

"Most radio shows at Operator just involve the CDJ’s and technics. However, when Nuno invited Cosmic Force to tag along for his SoHaSo show, I knew that hardware was going to be involved. Ben had brought an SH-101 and a brand new vocoder for this show, which was still in the box. He programmed it to his needs within two minutes, after which he was ready to start. The first hour was taken care of by Nuno and for the second hour, they joined forces as Ultrastation to rock a hybrid set. Impressed much is all I can say."

Out-of-Phrase - 17th October 2019 - selected by Jorn

"This show is a little different than normal musical shows as Erik Boker (USA) plays with the concept of theme-based radio and basing the musical selection on a word or a phrase. Erik's first show was based on the word: Meat. Which resulted in a hilarious opening joke about Meatloaf and some really weird Folk and Rock songs. I'm already looking forward to his November show themed with the word: Vegetable!"

The Big Fire in LA - 26th October 2019 - selected by Ofra

"My October staff pick will be Hunter Complex’s show: The Big Fire In LA. The mix is a combination of some old and new tracks with the synth as a Protagonist. When I listened to this show it was exactly the right soundtrack for my mood! It also fits perfectly in my favorite season. It's Autumn in 1985."

Broken Dreams w/ Marsman & Cinnaman - 29th October 2019 - selected by Jeff

"Patrick & Yuri teamed up for the first time on this show. Last weekend, they also did a B2B set at the PIP that I, unfortunately, had to miss. A nice 2-hour ride that goes from slowbeat to techno, electro, and everything in between, together with some nice new tracks forthcoming on Pinkman Records. Cinnaman the first hour, Marsman the second. It’s always a pleasure when two well known and respected Dutch DJ’s do their thing together."

Thanos Hana & Klankman - 31st October 2019 - selected by Patrick

“Two hours of no-nonsense techno, mixed up by the connaisseurs of Rotterdam's underground, influenced by the dirty brown 90’s west coast spirit. I suggest everyone having a tough time at work to listen to this. Warning! There's a chance you will throw your ergonomic office chair out of the window."