Staff Picks - November 2019

Staff Picks - November 2019

posted on: december 12, 2019

November is here! We're nearing the end of the year, a great year for Operator. Before we transition into 2020 (get your tickets for our NYE party together with POING:, there are two more editions of Staff Picks to go... This month, loads of great shows were broadcasted, and towards the end, we even traveled to Barcelona and back. Pim, Bella, Lewis, Jeff and Mark take you through this month with their handpicked favorites. Find the full article down below and check out the whole playlist on our SoundCloud: (

NM_____ - 5th November 2019 - selected by Pim

This is one of those trips you never want to end. It starts off with this dreamy, classical ambient track that slowly takes you to a different place, Nicole then continues with some more otherworldly ambient, before seamlessly transitioning into some dubby stuff, experimental sounds, darker electronics and techno. She moves you even further into a beautiful state of mind, before waking you up and giving you the urge to get up and dance. This show has it all and still, you just crave more...

Einhundert w/ Nala Brown - 8th November 2019 - selected by Bella

The queen Nala Brown takes us down her rabbit hole of dark and bassy tunes. This set will make you wish you were in a sweaty basement moving your body uncontrollably... Luckily, you will be able to do this really soon, as Nala is making her Spielraum debut this weekend!

Jerrausama - 28th November 2019 - selected by Lewis

My pick for November is Jerrausama's show, because of the beautiful combination of his futuristic sounds, paired with hip-hop and funky vibes. It brought me to another place because his sound is so dynamic, it definitely changes throughout his show. This show just has a soulful touch, and that really speaks to me.

Credit 00 (Live) | Ombra Festival - 29th November 2019 - selected by Jeff

I already picked one of his songs for “Song19” on 3voor12 (, and now I’m selecting this sick live set he did at Ombra Festival in Barcelona. We did a 2-day broadcast there and had our own stage at the venue Utopia126, with a killer line-up. I must admit it was pretty hard to pick a favorite from all the great names, but I just had to include this one. Credit 00, aka Alexander Dorn, is taking no prisoners with this set and really killed it on stage. I really love the music that he puts out, so it was a real joy for me to see him putting everything together in a well-executed live-set. Special S/O to the promoters and people from Ombra Festival for taking care of us so nicely. We hope to be back next year! Check out the video recording of his live set on our YouTube channel as well!

Manie Sans Délire (Live) | Ombra Festival - 30th November 2019 - selected by Mark

My favorite show wasn't recorded in our studio in Rotterdam this time, but at Ombra Festival in Barcelona! A sick festival for the darker shades of electronic music, with so many great live shows and DJ-sets to choose from. It was hard to pick one favorite, but my highlight was definitely Manie Sans Délire, the project from Trenton Chase and June. An incredible live set built exclusively on analog gear, truly taking you on a journey with their unique sound. The video recording is up on our YouTube channel, definitely worth checking out!