Staff Picks: March 2019

Staff Picks: March 2019

posted on: april 04, 2019

DJ Overdose - selected by Lukas

"Overdose needs no introduction, and delivers on Operator month in month out. Press play if you need a lift in your life powered by some funky-ass electro and hip hop vibes."

Sjamsoedin - selected by Koen

“When Sjam entered the container he was extremely excited about all the second-hand stuff he had just bought at the Pinkman store. Lots of weirdness and Bunker-related records. He played this show back to back with young gun Rochat, which led to so much fun. Just two friends showing each other their gems and finds. Ending with one of my favourite hiphop instrumentals from last year. Absolute killer.“

Rem Gow - selected by Wouter

“I was working at Operator Radio when Rem Gow did his set the 14th of March, but regrettably I couldn’t really listen to the whole set. Some days later I put up the set at home whilst doing some work and study related business. I ended up completely focussed and in the zone thanks to his perfect selection of beautiful soothing tracks. Try it yourself sometime!

Timothy F & Jony Trash - selected by Ofra

“I danced and sang my ass off during this show. Lots of nice punk and wave fitted in 2 hours. Timothy and Jony (who usually plays with her love Gary) turned out to be a nice combination. I knew this would work! They both have a fantastic selection of records that kept me listening and stole my heart by playing Ton Lemmink (rip). Soon they will play on Operator again, so stay tuned!"

Gamma Intel - selected by Patrick

“To me, Gamma Intel is one of the most exciting new dj/producers Rotterdam has to offer. His monthly show on Operator gives you a good insight of what this guy is all about. From pitched down drugged out slowbeat cut to dystopian hard hitting electro all mixed up, this guy can do it. He recently debuted on the label I'm running, Pinkman. Be sure to check out that release.”