Staff Picks - April 2019

Staff Picks - April 2019

posted on: may 09, 2019

Last month a lot of cool shows aired. The crew selected some of their personal favourites for you to enjoy!

Kegffnayy - selected by Yannis - 2nd April 2019

Kegffnayy's first set at Operator, just like his productions, perfectly depicts the DJ's uncompromising attitude towards music. As the man put it himself, his "slowly evolving acid experience" takes us on an hour-long journey through slow-beat acid, filthy-gritty techno, and murderous breaks. One for the ravers!!

MF Andrade - selected by Koen - 6th April 2019

One of my favourite shows from last month is by MF Andrade. The Rotterdam native fluently blends dreamy and tropical records with a funky and uplifting spirit.

The 2-hour mix is bound to make any day better by fully listening to it!

Shrouds - selected by Mark - 9th April 2019

My favourite show of April is the 11th episode of Shrouds. I’ve been programming his shows on my regular Tuesdays for a while now and this guy keeps on surprising me with his track selection. His taste and knowledge of the more industrial side of music is pretty impressive. His set includes some of my own favourites like Ancient Methods, Zosima and Oake, artists who often make a return in his sets.

Besides his shows on Operator he also released some heavy stuff on labels like Strange Therapy and Black Carpet which is worth checking out .. pure quality here!

Comradery w/ Stranger and Comrade Winston - selected by Andy - 17th April 2019

Classic uptempo 4 on the floor techno right here! Stranger and Comrade Winston played some groovy old school tracks from their library on a nostalgic tempo. No more words just press play and let the techno take you over!

Jasper Verhulst - selected by Osman - 20th April 2019

Don't have to think this one over too much, because I have been listening to this show non-stop since it aired. Jasper Verhulst, bassist of the well-known band ' Altin Gün’, joined us at the glass house during MOMO 2019 for a DJ show. It’s always interesting to hear the collection of a musician. You can hear what moves the guy. Good bass-lines and psychedelic feel to each song. He brought a great selection of records from all over the world with his very specific edge. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you have a chance to go see the band he plays in, please go!