Staff Picks: May 2018

Staff Picks: May 2018

posted on: june 12, 2018

The Overview Effect - Holland Festival Radio 04 -selected by Jorn

“We we’re asked by the Holland Festival to do a series of shows themed loosely by the programming of the festival. We as Culture Radio decided to name it “The Overview Effect”; of when earthlings turn around and look back on the earth as a whole, the interconnection between things, relations we have and patterns we follow.”

Mixed Bag @ AATG - selected by Jeff

"Quite frankly, I was surprised Mixed Bag @ AATG wasn't included in one of the staff picks yet, so this month's pick was a no-brainer for me. It's one of the longest-running shows on Operator and every set always ends up in heavy rotation at the Operator office. Usually, the set is brought to you by Rem Gow & Jorn Konijn, but this time it's a solo set from Rem Gow. Enjoy!"

The Audio From Visual Show - selected by Osman

“My staff pick for the month may will def be 'The audio from visual show ep 11' by Thomas Fonville. This show really has everything movie/series nerds wants. The explanation of scenes and the way the OST are used are perfectly put together by Thomas. Starting off with sci-fi soundtracks from Marvel movies and ending the show with Bob Dylan sums it all up.”

Steeldrum For Lovers - selected by Lukas

"Wildly eclectic 2 hour show showcasing a selection of jazz-funk, dub, ambient and house to just name a few. The flow of energy is seamless throughout and is never disrupted by tempo or genre switches. I highly recommend you to listen to this from start to finish and expect to be surprised."

Bootsy - selected by Wilco

"Bootsy started collecting records at the age of 0. This month the youngster with an old soul played some of his favorite rare jazz records at Operator Radio, focussing on jazz from the early sixties until now. 2 hours of pleasure, treat yourself!"