Staff Picks: March 2018

Staff Picks: March 2018

posted on: april 11, 2018

Jony Trash & Gary van Niks - selected by Jeff & Ofra.

"We are really happy with the debut of Jony and Gary on the station. An absolute fantastic selection of Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Garage, Punk, Psych and a whole lot more. Coincidentally we both picked this set, so we def had to include it in the staff picks of March. Also make sure to check them out during our broadcast from Motel Mozaique next week (April 19-22)."
Tempo Records presents: "SELECTA" - selected by Patrick.

"On the last day of March, Frodo returned to Operator after a small hiatus with his Tempo Records Presents “Selecta” show. An essential listen for those who are into early drum & bass, jungle and breakbeat. Glad to have you back Frodo!"
BAR Radio w/ Mattheis - selected by Sean.

"After playing the debut show of Bar Radio alongside Oberman, Mattheis was Back at Operator to play Bar Radio #45 together with Jennifer Cardini. Throughout the hour Mattheis played he explored the boundaries between ambient, breaks and IDM, resulting in an atmospheric mix that picks up energy naturally as it progresses."
Chiba City Blues - selected by Osman.

"Yung Feurich never disappoints me. He has a soft touch with every genre he visits throughout these two hours of the show. Chiba City Blues is a dish you can have every day of the week and you will never get bored."

Steve Baleaerics - selected by Jorn.

"Imagine yourself in a white robe, walking on your slippers to the pool… The weather is nice, Florida style. You order a cocktail and start sitting yourself down on one of the poolchairs. Two sexy women walk by in bathing suits… they glance at you over their sunglasses. This is the second show of Steve Balearics."