Staff Picks: July 2018

Staff Picks: July 2018

posted on: august 16, 2018

McBain & MacLovin - Summer Heatwave Special - selected by Daandi
"As the house head of the Operator team one would expect me to choose a house set but I actually had to pick the Hip-Hop “Summer Heatwave” set by Mccain & MacLovin. These two guys put together a melange of head-banging old school tracks that are best enjoyed with feet in cold water, beer in the hand, and friends around. Dying in the heat? Get your old sCOOL OFF."

Ben Fresh "Jungle Special" - selected by Osman

"Jungle is a genre of electronic music derived from breakbeat hardcore that developed in England in the early 1990s as part of UK rave scenes. As a part of the carnaval special at Operator, Ben fresh came over to do a jungle special set. I’m really a fan of the way he jumps from one hard hitter to the other."

Suzie & C For Cool - selected by Jeff

"A nice blend of carefully selected soulful tunes by one of our favourites: Suze ljó. Enjoy!"

Kατά - selected by Yannis

"This is one of the shows that really makes me regret not having been in the container at that time. For Katarina's first appearance on Operator Radio, she takes her audience on a dark sonic trip, oscillating between unsettling ambient cuts and industrial techno stompers with surgical precision. Let's dive in!"

OCB - selected by Sean

"Driss Bennis aka OCB hailing from Casablanca, Morocco, came by the Operator head-quarters for a second time and blessed us with a superb set once again. Starting rather slow and dreamy the set increasingly becomes more energetic throughout with an array of sick breakbeat, acid and electro tracks from the 90’s featuring Acid Jesus, Chaos, Freestylers and Wamdue Kids."