Staff Picks: January 2018

Staff Picks: January 2018

posted on: february 05, 2018

In 2018 staff picks will be returning monthly. Every first week of the month we will highlight 5 sets from the previous month and post them as a playlist on our SoundCloud page. Enjoy!

Ketama Man - selected by Patrick.

I always enjoy listening to DJ's that are deeply sucked into the music they love, and can teach me as a listener about it. This is the reason why my choice is the set from Ketama Man. Two hours of unknown and rare reggae, dub & ska 45's. A perfect listen for every moment of the day.

Pasiphae (Abyssal) - selected by Serge.

There was one obvious highlighter for me last month; queen Pasiphae straight from the West-Coast (The Hague)! After hearing her at the B-Side party in Radion Amsterdam, I got really impressed by her mixing skills. It was early in the morning and she still pushed a fresh energy forward to the dancefloor like it was only 2 AM. The day after I was looking for her on Soundcloud, found her and scrolled through a few of her sets. I was immediately sure that I wanted her for my show on Operator! And so there we were, Pasiphae, January the 12th for Abyssal’s radio show, second hour.

I like to push the female DJ’s a little more for a spotlight on the radio so the men-women ratio is more equal as there are so many, still unrecognized, amazing talented female DJ’s out there.

Pasiphae started her set slow and sleazy, as how most of us like it nowadays, her third track “Theorem X”, by Gamma Intel moved up the tempo, followed by a very classic track called “Until Death” by my all time favourite band Front 242. I think everyone knows this one if they are more into the EBM scene. I could really find myself in her set and she sorted out the right tracks and picked out the right moments to mix the transitions into a smooth, yet powerful mix.

To conclude, Pasiphae is definitely the kind to keep an eye on and will surely come over again on Operator for another great show.

Rats On Rafts - Psychedelics - selected by Ofra.

Rats On Rafts is one of my favorite Rotterdam based bands. Besides producing and performing as a band, David and Arnoud are also dj-ing occasionally. If you are listening to their set, you will really get to know the band closely by their awesome track picks. It really shows their very good taste and big knowledge in music.

This set is called: psychedelics. It is psychedelic in every way but absolutely not schizophrenia. Different type of genres but still as one soundtrack. I really like the mix of punk, experimental, some shoegaze and wavey/synthpop. And there is some space left for rare arrangements by Brain Wilson, Moondog and a Walker song. Thanks guys!

*We know, this set is from December 2017, but we unanimously decided we had to include it in this month's picks because we all liked it so much"

Animistic Beliefs [operator live sessions 01] - selected by Sean.

After releasing their stunning debut EP called “Sinuous Gullies“on Solar One Music early in 2018, Animistic Beliefs were also able to finally debut at Operator, playing the first “Operator Live Session”. Just as their debut EP, their live set is playful, highly energetic, with hypnotising retro-futuristic electro that is heavily improvised, but also showes glimpses into their debut EP. We’re looking forward to what this promising Rotterdam duo has to offer in the future!

BAR Radio w/ Andre Agressi & Dazion - selected by Jeff.

I've met Andrew years ago. At the time we we're both still breakdancing. Many years later, I discovered he was DJ-ing as well. I always love his selection and I've discovered myself playing this set a lot in the car. Absolutely love Dazion and his productions & selections.
So many nice people coming out of The Hague!