Staff Picks: February 2018

Staff Picks: February 2018

posted on: march 06, 2018

WLDRF [operator live sessions 02] - selected by Jorn

A couple of years ago I came across this improvisation band called WLDRF. Since then I’ve seen them a couple times live, and I can really dig their electronic dub sound in combination with loops. The thing that makes them stand out though; is the part of theatre that they put in their performance. The theatre already started with them trying to fit themselves in the container, which obviously worked out fine. Besides the recording below, make sure to check the video that is on our Facebook as well.

Gamma Intel - selected by Patrick

Two hours of slow exotic electro/techno cuts; this third show of Rotterdam based Gamma Intel gives you a good representation of what this youngster is all about. Besides being an adventurous DJ, he's quite the producer as well. Later this year he will have his debut on the label I'm running: Pinkman. For those that listen closely, you might spot one of these tracks in this show.

SKANK w/ D Double E - selected by Sean

SKANK is the notorious grime show brought to you by Rotterdam based DJ’s Creative & Sun O.C.. Though it is the only regular grime show @ Operator it is packed with quality whenever these guys get in the booth. For their 10th episode they invited D Double E and Jammer to answer a few questions about grime, topped of with an hour long mix by DJ Dan aka D Double E himself. Already looking forward to future shows.

The Blue Eyed Soul Show - selected by Koen

I knew nothing about the Blue Eyed Soul boys before I started working at Operator, but damn did they blow me away. Their selection of soul, (jazz)funk, and disco is always spot on and to me this is the perfect background for either a day at the office or a sunny afternoon. I’d highly recommend to not only listen to their latest show, but also the ones before that. Dive in!

Concentric Circles Radio - selected by Jeff

I've met Mo Jakob during the time I was still playing at "Chips" (weekly club night at BAR) almost every month and he was a resident there. Unfortunately that club stopped after a few years. He's a really nice person and it's great to see him grow and develop as a DJ. His shows always contain an eclectic mix of tracks that are very carefully selected and you can just hear he puts in a lot of effort into the preparation.