Staff Picks: August 2018

Staff Picks: August 2018

posted on: october 01, 2018

Jensen Interceptor - selected by Jeff
"Great selection and vibes throughout these 2 hours. Production-wise this dude never disappoints me. If you haven't check out his stuff yet, please do so asap!"

Broken Dreams w/ Marsman - selected by Jorn
"One of my dearest friends at Operator and to see how much joy he brings to life never ceases to amaze me. The fun he had during this set was instantly projected on the volunteers that were working."

MacLovin - selected by Fleur
"As all good things in life, my summer comes to an end. This show from MacLovin lightened up these dark days with this perfect mix of hour, electronix and hip-hop."

Common Poetry - selected by Mark
"Bogota based Common Poetry was absolutely one of the highlights from August for me. A nice mix of full heavy experimental electronics with a blend of EBM. Really curious about what they're going to put out in the near future. Definitely a duo to keep in mind."

Baba Jasper (ROTIBABA) - selected by Janneke
"My favourite show of August was Baba Jasper’s show. Jasper runs the independent record store ROTIBABI based in Eindhoven. Known for his eclectic mix of electronic, new wave, ambient, synth pop and krautrock he was back for his second show at Operator playing a whirlwind of sounds. Nice to hear an old time fave Phoebe Cates - Feels So good (Feels So Right) in there too. Make sure to also check out his tumblr blog at Enjoy!"