Staff Picks: April 2018

Staff Picks: April 2018

posted on: may 09, 2018

GUNG HO Radio Show "OutKast Special" - selected by Osman.

"Easily one of the best! DJ Turne travels through the whole oeuvre of OutKast.

Outkast (stylized as OutKast) is an American hip hop duo formed in 1991 in East Point, Georgia, composed of Atlanta-based rappers André "André 3000" Benjamin and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton.The duo achieved both critical acclaim and commercial success in the 1990s and early 2000s, helping to popularize Southern hip-hop while experimenting with diverse genres such as funk, psychedelia, jazz, and techno. DJ Turne honours this group in the best way possible with a 100-minute special!"

Alleskan w/ Sekan - selected by Janneke.

"One of my favourite shows of April was Alleskan w/ Sekan (Cheers Time with Mick and Alex was up there for me too by the way!).

Michiel Sekan does a regular radioshow at Red Light radio as Jiwa Jiwa, in which he only plays indonesian records. Being half indonesian he spent 3 months in Indonesia a few years ago, going back to his roots and visiting the places where his family had lived. While there he did some serious digging too! He came back to Holland with obscure and hard to find funk, soul, disco and boogie records from the 70's & 80’s. Check out his soundcloud page to be introduced to some real gems!

In his monthly show at Operator he plays all across the board and has the ability to naturally flow from one genre to another from world and electronic music to soul. Showing such a big passion and broad taste and knowledge in music it’s no surprise Michiel is someone who works in a record store. After spending a lot of his free time as a regular customer in the Rush Hour record store in Amsterdam he now has a full time job there. I’m happy to see him as a resident at Operator and i’m very much looking forward to his next show!"

Cheers Time with Mick and Alex - selected by Mark.

"Cheers time with Mick and Alex’ 2 roommates from Amsterdam both for the first time on Operator. It was actually also the first time they played outside their bedroom. Even though they were a bit nervous they really impressed with their energy and mixing skills. 2 hours of dark stuff with genres like Post-Punk, Wave, EBM and industrial. Definitely my favorite show from April. Including some favorites; Alle Gegen Alles from the Canadian band Noise Unit and She Likes To Watch You from 77tm. Hope to see these boys back in the program really soon."

Ayaz - selected by Yannis.

"It was a beautiful spring afternoon when Ayaz climbed up the Operator ladder. Usually accustomed to his nervy and driving electro and techno selection, I was getting ready for 2 hours of high energy. He on the other hand, had something else up his sleeve and took me on a distant journey, swinging his musical wax from ambient to tribal and back. Impressing me with the variety of his selection, Ayaz showcases just how deep he can dig into his personal connections and gave me a few of my new favourite tracks: Keep you ears peeled for Lend (min 25) and Abdul (min 76). Start your sunny morning right, tune into Ayaz!"

Marsman - Live @ MoMo - selected by Margriet & Fleur.

"Marsman picked up some records at the Pinkman Records and played his favourite wavey stuff that's currently in the store. Def check out this set, and if you haven't visited the shop yet... It's a def a must!"