Staff Picks: Marsman

Staff Picks: Marsman

posted on: december 01, 2017

Since Operator started out I always enjoy listening to what’s on air when I’m away. This timeI, while touring North and South America, there were several shows I watched that I would love to highlight, credit and share with you.

I find it important to be introduced to and inspired by unheard of and sometimes ‘weird’ music, which is exactly what MIMA does in her Close Encounters show. In this edition she carefully curates a mix of tribal and spiritual experimental pieces, while calmly talking the listener through her selection. A pleasant ‘radio voice’ is always a bonus!

Another artist that deserves more credit not only for specifically this months Operator show, but in general, is Ian Martin. Having been part of the Rotterdam underground scene for decades he has mastered the craft of mixing records with ease like few others. On top of that he constantly showcases his ability to blend genres in very compelling ways. Also, throughout his selection there are many italo and disco gems which almost never fail to cheer up my mood!

Last but not least, I really enjoyed the b2b set that Identified Patient played together with Post Ave. The two guys’ have proven to be a great match for each other, playing tracks on the same wavelength and showing heaps of enthusiasm, which is always a pleasure to watch on the stream. The set had an awesome progression to it, going from 90 to 110 ppm in two hours and was filled with great unreleased material to look out for in the future.