Jeroen Dirrix makes solo-debut in Annabel

Jeroen Dirrix makes solo-debut in Annabel

posted on: december 06, 2017

The young pianist and producer Jeroen Dirrix (known from The Piano Project on Operator), with a deep fascination for the piano, explores the instrumental world between minimalistic melodies and progressive compositions in which he mixes (neo) classical music with electronic elements.

After playing and touring with several bands as a drummer, he re-discovered his second childhood-love; the piano, and got inspired by the rhythmic piano compositions of pioneer and school example of the minimal music; Philip Glass.

A journey that let him through Utrecht’s Conservatory (NL) to Brussels (BE) where he lived and studied (classical) composition at the Royal Conservatory. It was here where he created most of his piano-work and after making an electronic record he began combining both worlds and ways of making music that resulted into a dynamic live set consisting of several piano’s and deep sounding synthesizers.

The past year he spent most of his time in the studio to write and record his first piano-based solo work, that will be released early next year.