Yung Feurich

Yung Feurich

versatile sets full of new sounds

genres: house rnb

Meet Denzel Feurich, aka Yung Feurich, born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Growing up with a broad musical interest has helped him march through the upcoming DJ-ranks.

He’s known for his fresh & versatile sets full of new sounds.
With his CHIPS residency, gigs in a lot of diverse places in
Rotterdam and gigs at spots like Paradiso, Bitterzoet and
Claire in Amsterdam, he’s had his fair share of club
His festival experience isn’t lacking either with gigs at
Solar, Triangle and ADE Beats to name a few.
Last year he was also chosen as one of the Jäger Music
Talents. Now 25 years old, he’s ready for the next step:
expanding his musical knowledge with productions, crate
digging & more gigs abroad.