Victoria Mussi

Victoria Mussi

A driving and pioneering force of Paraguay’s underground scene; DJ, co-founder of Inbetween label & the nightclub Tango in her hometown Asunción.


DJ and producer Victoria Mussi is synonymous with Paraguay’s underground. Born and raised in Asunción, her pummelling productions and energizing sets are a by-product of the character and cultural landscape of her home city.

Victoria's career is driven by a passion for platforming and uplifting those around her. She enjoys the audiovisual elements of music and collaborates with visual artists and visionaries to bring her tracks to life, simultaneously building a community that celebrates art and expression in all its forms.

Mussi’s 2016 Boiler Room established her reputation on a global scale. Her performance demonstrated the breadth and depth of her catalog; an atmospheric blend of ambient, techno, ethereal house and dubbed-out breaks that showcased her deft skills and discreet taste. With releases on Jujuka, Counterchange and Planet X, Mussi’s production style is both introspective and elated. Her tracks sit somewhere between techno and house, with themes spanning the full range of the human condition.

She co-founded her label Inbetween in 2017 to showcase local Paraguayan talent across multiple genres. Inbetween is now an established radio program, label and event series and continues to define the sound of Paraguay and pave the way for dedicated artists to thrive.

In 2019, Mussi co-created Tango, a nightclub with the sole aim of sharing a love for music and the arts and to celebrate the transformative power of rave culture. With Tango, Victoria helped build and develop an intimate, inclusive environment that prioritizes the needs of the community.

Victoria’s empathetic nature makes her sets a form of telepathy. She has a knack for feeding off the crowd and wringing their energy back at them in the form of compassionate, intelligent selections, and sees music as a ritual of internal and external connection, experimentation, transformation and growth.

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