Thomas Fonville

Thomas Fonville

define the role of music.

genres: soundtrack

Thomas Fonville is a thirty-something based in Rotterdam who started, while growing up, consuming as much cultural media as possible and still is doing so.

Thomas is constantly interested in popular and visual culture and permanently on the lookout for new and interesting area’s or events. Next to this, Thomas has a habit of questioning the meaning of works of art or test the cultural relevancy of stated works. As a media studies graduate and a listener/fan of various kinds of music and with a keen eye for subcultures, Thomas tries to link music in its time period in order to define the role of music in a given culture. With these views on the modern media landscape, the idea for the “The audio from visual show” was born. In this show, Thomas tries to connect the musical backing of mainly “so-called” television shows in context to the visual scene depicted. In the meantime Thomas teaches at the Willem de Kooning Academy and tries to enjoy as much good music and media as he can.