genres: techno

Rosillon is a Dutch artist based in Rotterdam. His introduction to electronic music enabled him to find the challenge and freedom he was missing in other art forms and it sparked a genuine curiosity about how sounds are being derived and processed to become the beautiful music that he loves.

When it comes to sound Rosillon’s interest lies within the deeper realm of electronic music. After many years of experiencing different genres on the dancefloor, he realized that these sounds resonate with him in a very natural way. As these sounds are not so known in the Netherlands, his goal is to introduce it to his audience and show the beauty of true storytelling and morphing atmospheres. To him storytelling means finding the right records that have unique elements, which when combined create an otherworldly mind and body experience for the listener.

Rosillon’s involvement in music doesn’t stop there. He is co-founder and resident of Embodiment, an event organization based in Rotterdam, where with a team of great determined and passionate people like himself, they try to break stigmas and make their audience more aware and critical about the electronic music culture. Embodiment comes from the dancefloor equipped with strong values and views on our scene, and they aim to create what in their eyes is a perfect club experience.

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