Panda Lassow

Panda Lassow

‘Not too serious. Because if you handle things too seriously, nothing gets done.’

That is how Panda Lassow describes her attitude. Initially inspired by the scene in Dresden, Germany. That wasn’t enough for her. She wanted crazier and wilder. Thus started her search for - and experimentation with – willful electronic music.
Currently settled in Rotterdam, are the genres this lady gets her inspiration from primarily aimed at beats and bass nuanced with different flavors such as tropical. As a DJ she plays music from every corner of the globe. Which enables her to come forward with dynamic and varied sets. ‘It shouldn’t be too smooth. I want to play with guts.’ Furthermore, Panda Lassow is a prolific producer. Sometimes she just can’t find the kind of music she hears in her head. Which is why she decided to produce her own music. ‘Record stores influence the sound of the scene anyway.’ Because her music was in a small niche, she wasn’t able to really express herself in the clubs. It was in Rotterdam, however, where the scene and Panda Lassow found each other. Time is endless in her passion for music. Every second is related to music.
Among other things, she commits herself to the Rotterdam music scene. She is connected to local beatmakers and takes part in live beat-making sessions as part of The Beatmakers Union, for instance. She’s also part of Bass Oddysey; a collective aimed at presenting the diverse styles of bass music in Rotterdam.

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