Nik Void

Nik Void

genres: wave

One of the most exciting female producers working in electronic music is London-based Nik Colk Void. Known as one half of post-industrial techno Factory Floor, and one third of Carter Tutti Void in which she collaborates with two visionary figures in industrial and electronic music — Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti (Throbbing Gristle/Chris & Cosey).

Nik has also worked with Helena Hauff, Daniel Avery and The Charlatans. Nik Colk Void's output consistently challenges the status quo. Hypnotic, abrasive and uncompromising, Nik creates a new kind of primal, minimal dance music. Alternative, spontaneous and improvisational, Void has very quickly established her solo practice as a challenging, vibrant mixture of art and sound, and a master of cross-arts collaboration. Nik will play a live set on Friday, and a DJ set on Saturday!