Natural Positions

Natural Positions

genres: house electronic

Ramos: “ I was lucky enough to buy some Technics 1200’s back in school when I was 15 and quickly found a

love for Drum & Bass and Jungle. It was when I moved to Plymouth (UK) for University that I started playing in clubs for several collectives supporting artists such as Alix Perez, Chasing Shadows, Dillinja, Channel One Soundsystem, and many more. I then moved to Bristol (UK) and formed my own collective with some friends called The Washing Machine Soundsystem which is still going strong today. Here I broadened the music I played and started adding House, UKG, and the other UK sounds into my sets. I then moved to the Netherlands and joined Baobab Music, a collective focused on showcasing music from Africa and Latin America. Again, this allowed me to support various artists and play at several big festivals in the Netherlands such as Music Meeting, Valkhof Festival, and radio stations such as Open Source Radio, Radio Tempo Não Para, and Radio Nul. Lastly, I also organized a monthly event in Wageningen called De La Niets predominantly focused on Minimal Techno. In short, I have come to love various styles of music and love to share my collection with future listeners.


“The love for music has expressed itself via various ways (rap, playing the drums, djing) and remained a, if not the, only, constant thing in my life. However, things got more serious during my student times in Leipzig where I started to produce and regularly visited the Kann record store. With Fabian Polinski and hannesmilan as my housemates, I started to develop a keen interest in an obscure and abstract mixing style rather than a progressive house set. While organizing ambient happenings in the Netherlands I received the chance to deepen and manifest the love for darkfield recordings, rumbling Digi-dub, and deconstructed disco. However, the 4 on the floor never entirely left my heart or my record collection. Back in Berlin I quickly became part of the THF Radio possee and returning DJ of Neuköllns Bar culture while working for a local record store and label. Natural Positions, for me, is a way to nurture my friendship with Nicholas while doing what we love most and not being bound to commercial limitations.”

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