Mike Costez
Ik ben een DJ. Ik ben een artiest. Ik ben een muzikant. Ik ben Mike Costez.
Mike Costez

Mike Costez

Ik ben een DJ. Ik ben een artiest. Ik ben een muzikant. Ik ben Mike Costez.

I am a veteran, from the generation that witnessed the emerging of house music, the introduction of the PC, mobile phone, walkman, IPod and tablet. I am generation X, the first generation that is raised in the discoooo.

I am from the generation that participated in Punk and New Wave, I saw Hip-Hop become main stream. I was that beat-maker, a turntablist, I was dancing as a Goth looking for change on the dancefloor. The weekend started Thursday night, lasted the whole weekend, ending on a no-descriptive party in an abandoned warehouse. I detested disco, but loved it later with all I got. The love for music, or rather, the love for new music that revolves the scene, or creates a new one. That love never fades, I can assure that now. I tried to do without, that decreased my joy of life. Music makes me happy, a joyful person. Music completes, perfects my life. Yes, I can swell with the past, but I don't, the past is what it is, I learned the lesson and go on. I go on into the future, eyes wide open, with my knowledge and skills. I go without fear, without shame, without prejudice. I absorb all these new influences and sounds and digest like a newborn. i share all those experiences with anyone who listens.

I am a DJ.
I am a artist.
I am a musician.

I am Mike Costez.

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