Mike Costez

Mike Costez

Ik ben een DJ. Ik ben een artiest. Ik ben een muzikant. Ik ben Mike Costez.


I am a veteran, from the generation that witnessed the emerging of house music, the introduction of the PC, mobile phone, walkman, IPod and tablet. I am generation X, the first generation that is raised in the discoooo.

I am from the generation that participated in Punk and New Wave, I saw Hip-Hop become main stream. I was that beat-maker, a turntablist, I was dancing as a Goth looking for change on the dancefloor. The weekend started Thursday night, lasted the whole weekend, ending on a no-descriptive party in an abandoned warehouse. I detested disco, but loved it later with all I got. The love for music, or rather, the love for new music that revolves the scene, or creates a new one. That love never fades, I can assure that now. I tried to do without, that decreased my joy of life. Music makes me happy, a joyful person. Music completes, perfects my life. Yes, I can swell with the past, but I don't, the past is what it is, I learned the lesson and go on. I go on into the future, eyes wide open, with my knowledge and skills. I go without fear, without shame, without prejudice. I absorb all these new influences and sounds and digest like a newborn. i share all those experiences with anyone who listens.

I am a DJ.
I am a artist.
I am a musician.

I am Mike Costez.