22-year-old SPIELRAUM Resident and member of het TechnOrkesT KI/KI has been on the Amsterdam scene for quite some time now. She mostly spins Acid, New Beat, 90s techno and Trance. Her favorite gig of the year was when she played an allnighter at Spielraum where she transformed the bovenkamer at Radion Amsterdam into a 90’s rave. In Kiki’s own words “I aim to create diversity within my sets by varying between new beat, (acid) trance, 90s techno and rave. With diversity within my track selection I strive to keep myself, but more importantly the crowd energized; basically getting in a flow while being carried by all the different sounds, kicks and drops. Digging into the forgotten music of the past and giving those lost records a place in the contemporary music scene is what I strive to do each set. The music of the future can be found in the music of the past.”

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