(The #ethereal brainchild consisting of Zamba-Jan Bakana and Wouter van Driel.)

The universe can be viewed from a dualistic point of view. Light and dark, empty and full, substantial and ethereal. But just like the sound of a clapping hand is non-existent (because you need two to clap), as such, all duality in the world can be seen as part of the same body. And who singularities these dualisms more than the guys from Ethereal Soundsystem? Maybe if they became one person, then that guy would be the walking example of the kind of music they produce.

What would that unification of two people into one being be like? He’d be both black and white, both chaotic and organised and he’d focus more on organisational and artistic aspects simultaneously. His name would be a combination of Zamba and Wouter.

Both grew up in The Hague, NL. One day the two future colleagues meet via a girl. One of them had just ended his relationship with her and got to talk to her good friend. Immediately they started talking about music and after three sentences, two weeks and one commitment, they stood back to back at a local club as what was then the prototype of E.S.S.

From world music, to electro, kraut, techno, disco and all the way to folk music.Whatever the genre, these musical brothers stitch everything together to make one huge blanket that covers your ears and warms the soul.

Don’t worry about surprises, they’ll prepare you without you even realising you’ve just travelled 39 countries, hundreds of years and an almost shamanistic inner journey by dancing on their ever-changing rhythms. When you least expect it, the surprise will always be an innovative sound that has a reminiscent feel to it.

Usually, during their DJ-sets, they start off pretty light. And as the set progresses, you will notice the lights dim, you will smell evaporated sweat and hear a darker tone of electronic music, based on bass, rather than the rhythmically based light music they started out with. BUT, depending on where they are, this can easily go the other way around. When you bear the name E.S.S., flexibility is a must after all.


Ethereal Music (organisation)

Imagine, a mountain jungle. Behind you there is a cascading freshwater-waterfall, on your left a plethora of exotic birds fly around and sing the songs of their kind, to your right a certain species of monkey has mounted leopards and don blacklight-face-paint while dancing ritualistically around the crater of a volcano. And in front of you, as you stand on a ledge, you see other mountains, each filled with unimaginable diversity in colours, sounds, smells and temperature. Also, there is a slight breeze. That would be Ethereal Music.

These angelic demons, or demonic angels, simply want to make you feel comfortable while you listen to their music on the dancefloor… only to yank you back out and drop you in a wild river delta of undefinable musical genres, safely. Safely in the sense that you will definitely enjoy traversing this musical landscape, but still be able to travel through unicorn shit while riding a winged rhinoceros.

The Hague based radio host at Radio ñ, events organization.

text by Mirza Celovic