KLAUW is a platform that prioritizes the Queer & BIPOC community. The spaces we offer are a way of getting in touch with the ancestry of House and Techno, and all subsequent genres that came after; to give a platform to those who return the dancefloor to its spatial and sonic origins: the queer, black, people of color DJ’s, creatives, and artists who were and always will be at the forefront of new soundscapes. Our resident DJ’s: Mien San, DJ DYKEHAUS, and DJ Shahmaran, will be there each month to give you a sexy first hour, while the second will be reserved for the guest DJ’s, our friends and community members, always refusing to disappoint you and bring you the latest, bestest, hottest, and queerest beats

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Keep an eye out for schedule updates and experience DJ DYKEHAUS live at Operator. Make sure to download the app to get notified before your favorite artists starts to play. What are you using?

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