Dienaar (full name Lorenzo Dienaar) is a dj, vocalist and aspiring producer residing in Rotterdam. With his roots in hip-hop music, he got in touch with the underground house culture in the infamous Bootleg DJ Café and the underground club Catwalk in 2010.​​

It was love at first sight. Already practicing with the Pioneers before that, his musical taste became heavily influenced by the culture and the many people he got to know. One of those people was producer Jeng Do. In 2011 he featured on two releases with Jeng Do as ‘MC Elevated’ on the Tuneskin Label.

While exploring what to do with his creativity, he started to play as a dj under the name ‘Lorenzo Davillo’ and had some recognition over the past years. In 2014 he participated in the ‘Toffler Talents Contest’ and had the honour to be selected by Benny Rodrigues himself! Since then he has played at several venues like Toffler, Westelijk Handels Terrein, Dolhuis, Beachclub Indigo and the magical place Sisyphos in Berlin.

His sets are to be described as dynamic story telling. Once you get into his energy expect to be taken on a journey through (Chicago) house, (Detroit) techno and everything in between. A little breakbeat in between to get the crowd moving into different directions, is something he also likes to do. His sets are never the same and always an adventure for the dancefloor addicts.

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