Boy Boogie

Boy Boogie

Over two decades ago 2 Unlimited introduced Boy Boogie to electronic music for the first time in his life. He has been in love ever since. From Hardcore to Trance, to House and even Minimal, on to a point where they all embodied certain periods in his life. After this musical Journey, Disco – and all that is connected to it – became his core music.

At age 17 he had his first two gigs at Odeon in Amsterdam. Still living in The Hague, his mother brought him to the show, and picked him up afterwards. 2 Years later, after selling his Technics SL1200's and XTC mixer to buy a snowboard, Boy Boogie went off to Austria. Taking a break from djing and not playing a single track for over a year.

After turning 23, he tried his hand at organizing parties. He had a look around and observed an absence of DJ's playing Disco and Italo. Taking full advantage of this shortage of music he started playing more and more Disco, getting booked by all sorts of beach – and nightclubs alike, all around The Hague. Nowadays Boy Boogie's schedule is getting pretty full, with gigs in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.