25 Places

25 Places

Representing different sounds that crosses over from the old-school to the modern sounds of today

Tayfun Sarier and Stefan Rijsmus started to get to know each other by having repetitive conversations about the mutual interest they had, which is electronic dance music. When the two individuals became more like friends, they started to listen and share music over and over again. From that moment, the project called '25 Places' was born. With both their own musical interests combined, they started to create their own signature sound and began their journey not only as two DJ's, but also as producers. From that day onwards, 25 Places keeps on putting more effort in representing different sounds that crosses over from the old-school to the modernsounds of today. 25 Places have been consistently delivering deep house since 2012, starting with a release on Liebe Detail's digital wing, a debut on prescription's newer sub-label, Balance, and Berlin-based house imprint Dirt Crew. Their music got played and supported by the likes of Chez Damier, Black Coffee,Laurent Garnier and Ben Sims to name a few. Let’s not forget to mention that they’re also running their own label called ‘Late Night Running’ representing artists such as Dj Aakmael, Innerspace Halflife, Anaxander, Appian and many


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