Woei FM - 04 w/ David Vunk

Woei FM - 04 w/ David Vunk

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Woei invites Netherlands' most iconic DJ for the fourth episode of WOEI FM. David Vunk is the owner of the record label Moustache Records, and one of the head honchos of Im Kellar. Having experienced almost everything the music industry has to offer from intimate club nights to renowned festivals over the past 25 years, David has truly achieved a legendary status beyond the Dutch borders. Italo disco, electro, acid, and house are some of the main genres that run through his veins like the city of Rotterdam.

Since opening its doors to the public for the first time in 2007, Woei has left its mark on the international sneaker and streetwear scene with several collaborations including Asics, Patta, and Stussy along the way.

But the interests and passions of the Woei crew reach far beyond just shoes and apparel. Besides providing the streets with the latest from Nike, Adidas, and Co., music has always been at the heart of the store. Considering the highly curated playlists and mixes that can be heard in the store, as well as hosting some of Rotterdam's most notorious parties, the belief that music unites is deeply ingrained in the Woei DNA.

Based on this deep connection, we want to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite local musicians to talk about what sparked their passion for music and hear their personal choice on dilemmas every musician has faced.