Unexpected Delight - 44 w/ Pierrot & Lilli Zylka

Unexpected Delight - 44 w/ Pierrot & Lilli Zylka


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Far up, deep down. All in, kicked out. Bright, dark, fast, and slow. What’s out there? Who the hell are you? Pierrot is sharing sounds collected over the years, recently dug up or ran into. In this episode of Unexpected Delight, Pierrot is accompanied by Lilly Zylka - currently living and working in Berlin - taking care of the second hour with a special headphone listening experience.

Lilli Zylka

"Suppose I were to begin by saying that I had fallen in love with a color." - Maggie Nelson's "Bluets" (2009) is a collection of brief, abstract paragraphs based on loosely linked aphorisms around the colour blue. Aiming to carry this idea into the world of music, Lilli started her own show at Operator Radio during her Rotterdam chapter last year. In "Bluets w/ Lilli Zylka", she puzzles bits and pieces from the realms of ambient together, thereby taking on experimental, jazzy, sometimes otherworldly colourings - best enjoyed on your bike during unconventional hours. Aside from pursuing this personal project, she spends her days living and working in her hometown Berlin.

Jump in and keep it locked.