Uncle George Electronics - 05

Uncle George Electronics - 05

uncle george electronics

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Being one of Operator’s first interns and one of the founding fathers of “No Friends” Collective (Rotterdam). Uncle George has become part of a select group of Rotterdam’s most experimental DJs. Inspired by labels like Brainfeeder, Warp, CPU, Hyperdub, INI movement, Rhythm Section and Eglo Records, etc. Uncle George Electronics strives for a more complex and uncommon club sound. A combination of sounds where bass music, Jazz rhythms, Lush synths, complex breaks, and heavy sound design meet at the core of his mixes. Having produced music for quite some time now. His first release is set in the summer of 2020 on the collective's own label “No Friends Records”. With upcoming events in Mono, Worm, and Weelde No Friends Collective is taking Rotterdam by storm. Blending boundaries between design, art, electronics, live music, and performance. They are truly a platform for experimentation.