Tonal Research - 32

Tonal Research - 32

matt tdk/ msq

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Matt started playing records back in 1996, after taking influences from the UK techno clubs at the time, The Orbit, Atomic Jam, and House of God. He played at a few parties including the Total Eclipse festival in 1999 and various other free parties in the south of England. In 2001 decided to leave the UK and go traveling, playing on some of the free European festivals that summer. During this time-traveling, he met up with a group of like-minded Dutch people and joined their sound system. Since this moment he’s been organizing free parties in Holland and traveling through Europe with their sound system, visiting many free festivals. In 2006 started his label Tonal Research as an outlet for his own productions, but at the same time was building up a passion for dubstep.

Through the years he’s developed a quick style of mixing cutting and chopping through as many tracks as possible. In recent years Matt has released music on some great labels including, Darkfloor Sound, Green fetish, Obscuur, Deep sound channel, Archive 01, Pitch Dark, and Emetic.