Tilburg je bent er - 01

Tilburg je bent er - 01

frida pelgrim

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Pelgrim and Frida co-operate to make their extraordinary musical tastes concur in a two hour show, whilst representing their hometown - the city of Tilburg.

As a DJ, Frida tries to make an arrangement between the specific types of music that make her nod her head. Although the majority of what she plays is quite stocky, she’s always on the lookout for a certain groove. Besides that, she doesn’t shun some sudden transitions. Altogether these certainties result in a pretty remarkable sound. Operating from Tilburg.

Pelle van Leeuwen aka pelgrim has always been interested in the weird and unknown. In his sets, finding the right balance between danceable and obscure is key. As the founder of event and music platform Kultura he has a penchant for music from- or inspired by faraway places. Throughout his DJ life, pelgrim has chosen not to confine himself to just a few genres, developing a more eclectic and vibe-oriented approach towards DJing.