Tierra Sónica - 01 w/ Jannah & Nikos

Tierra Sónica - 01 w/ Jannah & Nikos

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Emanating through your airwaves from Operator’s blue container, Tierra Sónica is a bi-monthly radio show on art, culture and society. Mixing music and DJ sets with interviews and informal chats, each episode features special guest(s) appearances curated by Andrea Arrocha.

Prioritising female talent as often as possible, the show is a space to bring upcoming and established artists into the same deserved spotlight. It’s a project that stretches beyond the transmissions, building a new creative community that’s taking shape at the speed of sound.

For this first show, we have invited artists Nikos and Jannah:

Nikos 17:00-18:00

Using playful and hypnotic sounds, Nikos likes to create music that both encourage movement and deep listening. In his live sets he switches between fast polyrhythms and slower beats, bringing soft and hard sounds together. As a producer and visual designer he is interested in how both disciplines can complement each other, currently as audiovisual project UMBRA. Nikos likes to organise and curate listening events in a relaxed setting, under the name of Pelagic.

Jannah 18:00-19:00

I feel honoured to be invited for the first edition of Tierra Sónica. It inspires me to combine some of my favourite ambient pieces with heavier electronics and songs that bring me back to the past. Like my past as a geologist wandering through Spanish mountains looking for rocks and crystals bearing clues about earth’s evolution. Closer to nature than I’ve ever was. In this set I would like to recreate that exploring, wandering vibe through ever-changing soundscapes.