Subatomic - 01

Subatomic - 01


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In the occasion of his first EP release 'Crowd Control', Subatomic is doing a one hour dj-set on Operator Radio. The EP consist out of a combination of spaced out electro and a new beat style track. Heavily inspired by artist such as DMX Krew, Detroit’s Scan 7 and Void Vision, Subatomic came in touch with Electro via graffiti movies. The “Dirty Hands” movies played a big part for his inspiration.

The release dives into a gap between electro and new beat. The production aesthetics across the two tracks have a similar outcome. The use of raw kicks and snares combined with ambient pads delivers an atmospheric sound. The first track on the release ‘Crowd Control’ is a more melodic type of electro where piano melodies fill up the track with deep space and ambient pads. The track is followed by ‘Robotic Entities’, a piece with traditional breaks and eery chords, built on a heavy 4x4 kick that takes you onto an immersive euphoric trip. Last one on the EP ‘No Way Back’, leaves the electro influences behind and adds New Beat elements as deep bass lines, spacey vocals and lo-fi guitar strings.

'Notice how the crowd is controlled by easy tricks. Being a slave of society is our burden. Lost in translation, lost in deep thoughts. The mind is capable of changing in ways we never could have imagined. That’s why we have to drastically change our behavior to be proud of our identity'.