Vinyl Sessions Radio Show - 01 w/ LOKA

Vinyl Sessions Radio Show - 01 w/ LOKA

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Vinyl Sessions is a monthly music event where collectors share some of their most personal records in a cozy social atmosphere. The setting is very informal, with no barrier between crowd and DJ, leaving room for interaction, friendship and musical knowledge. The radio show is an online extension of the event where the organizers and the upcoming guests take you for a two hour music trip through a selection of very personal records.

Behind the names which entertain your Friday evenings there are people who love music, thrive on it's energy and dedicate considerable time and money to it. All these names have a face and a story. Login online and drop by offline to get to know them. This session we have a group of young collectors who have been fiddling with the right tunes all over Rotterdam. From basement to attic, they always carry good vibes around. Get to know and get to hear the boys from LOKA!